Online Coaching

Benefit from Martin’s 13+ years experience in the fitness, health and well being industry. Clarify any questions you might have in relation to getting fit, toning up, diet, nutrition, weight loss, strength gain, Pilates, Kettlebells, Body Weight Exercises, boosting your energy etc.
so you *Can Enjoy Life and ____ * (you fill in the blank).

These coaching sessions are done via phone, Skype or similar servicesYou will get access to a document with useful notes, suggestions e.g books, links, ideas, tips and advice etc. immediately after the coaching session.

You might be interested in:

  1. Learning how to set up your home gym with just a few pieces of equipment.
  2. Finding out what a the most beneficial exercises for general toning and weight loss.
  3. Learning how to read and interpret food labels.
  4. Kettlebell exercises – Beginners, Progressions and Intermediate exercises.
  5. Pilates moves and exercises that will help you with back issues, back pain, that strengthen your core, improve your posture and prevent back issues.
  6. Foam Rolling or spiky ball exercises to loosen and stretch tight muscles.
  7. Various Stretching and Mobilizing exercises that you can do after a long days work in the office or even during short breaks during work, assuming you are a mainly desk bound employee.
  8. Pre-Workout Warm-ups
  9. Post-Workout, Post-Exercise Cool Downs and Flexibility work etc..
  10. Or if you are just looking for a structured exercise program that you can do in a local gym or at home.

Contact Martin with any initial questions you might have or book your FREEE 20min Phone or Skype consultation.