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October 2020 – due to Covid-19 restrictions and regulation I’m now offering Online One-to-One and Group-Fitness Classes & Sessions.

Due to Covid-19 & the related government guidelines & regulations
I'm moving my Personal Training Sessions & Group-Classes Online (14th October 2020),
Below the link to my future website - please bookmark it.
In-Person & Online-Personal Training

In-Person & Online One-to-One Coaching Sessions take currently place
in South Dublin, Sandyford, Dublin 18, Sandyford Community Centre, LambsCross.

Call or send me a message at
with your questions or to arrange a FREE 15-20min chat.

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Virtual-Live - Online Pilates Classes -

Video 2 – Three Core Strength & Conditioning Exercises – Pilates based in south Dublin, Sandyford, Dundrum

In this Progression / Intermediate Core Strength & Pilates Video I’m showing you three strength based exercises, that combine
(1) Upper-Body Strength >> focusing on 1. Chest / Pecs, 2. Shoulders
(2) Core Strength & Toning  >> focusing on 1. Obliques / Waist, 2. Lower Abs / Abdomen

[1] A Push-Up (full version, knees off the ground, there a lots of variation you can do)
[2] Plank with a Knee Pull-In
[3] Plank with a Side-Leg KIck
Always warm up before exercising e.g. go for brisk walk, jog, do a bit of cycling, do some mobilizing and loosening exercises for your joints.
Let me know how you get on with these exercises. Find more videos on my partner website – or on my facebook page.