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Video 2 – Three Core Strength & Conditioning Exercises – Pilates based in south Dublin, Sandyford, Dundrum

In this Progression / Intermediate Core Strength & Pilates Video I’m showing you three strength based exercises, that combine
(1) Upper-Body Strength >> focusing on 1. Chest / Pecs, 2. Shoulders
(2) Core Strength & Toning  >> focusing on 1. Obliques / Waist, 2. Lower Abs / Abdomen

[1] A Push-Up (full version, knees off the ground, there a lots of variation you can do)
[2] Plank with a Knee Pull-In
[3] Plank with a Side-Leg KIck
Always warm up before exercising e.g. go for brisk walk, jog, do a bit of cycling, do some mobilizing and loosening exercises for your joints.
Let me know how you get on with these exercises. Find more videos on my partner website – www.PilatesDublin.ie or on my facebook page.

10min Corporate Lunchtime – Neck & Back, Shoulder Tension Relief Class – in South Dublin

I’m going to start a “10min Lunchtime” Stretching and Loosening Exercise Class on Tuesday 19th July 2016 in Ulster Bank – CP Central Park, Dublin 18, Sandyford Industrial Estate, Leopardstown.

A lot of us work the whole day or the majority of it on a desk, on a computer, hunched over.

Dublin 18 Corporate Lunchtime classes in south Dublin Central Park Sandyford Instrial Estate LeopardtownIn an ideal world we do regular loosening and stretching exercises to prevent too much tension, tight necks, backs, shoulders and deteriorating posture. During these short classes we will go through various simple exercises. Once learned you might do them on your own or just rejoin the following week.


Your team leader or manager will be happy as well, as regular short breaks have shown to increase productivity in various studies. Read more about Booster Breaks here or the Oxford Journal’s full Health Education Research article here “Booster Breaks in the workplace: participants’ perspectives on health-promoting work breaks.”

We will do specific loosening, stretching and mobilizing exercises that focus on the
(1) Neck (2) Back (3) Shoulders (4) Spine.

The initial set of classes take place
(1) Tuesday 19th July, (2) 26th July, (3) 2nd August, (4) 9th August 2016 – 1.10pm-1.20pm
in Ulster Bank – Central Park, Dublin 18 Board Room – 5th Floor.

Classes are free for all staff, gym-members and non-gym-members.

Contact Martin – Gym Manager Ulster Bank, Personal Trainer for further information or reserve your place via adding your name to the “Sign-Up Sheets” on the gym-notice board, which is to the right of the gym entrance, 5th floor.  We can’t take bookings via e-mail or left messages. 

FREE Diet & Nutrition Advice – IINH case study participant needed in January, February 2016 in South Dublin

 Are you interested in

  1. improving your diet so you have more energy, be healthier and fitter.
  2. being able to choose healthier types of foods from the vast amount of different foods that are available in our supermarkets, restaurants and other food outlets.
  3. learning more about how food and how what you eat influences your health and well being.

“Look at this as a chance to learn more about nutrition and how food and what we *eat* or *don’t eat* influences our health, energy levels and ultimately quality of life.”

IINH Irish Institue of Nutrition and Health in Bray south Dublin Martin Luschin Personal Trainer Coach Dublin IrelandSome of my current south Dublin (D14, D16, D18) based personal training clients or fitness and Pilates class participants might know that I’m attending a one year *Nutrition & Health Coaching Course* with the IINH in Bray, just south of Dublin. IINH stands for “Irish Institute for Nutrition and Health”.

I will have to write four nutrition and health case studies as part of this course and found already two participants, who will join in in the next one to two weeks (Sat 16.01.2016). All meaning I’m still looking for another two case study participants in the D14, D16, D18 area.   

The case studies consists of four One-to-One sessions, which are spread out over the next 8-10 weeks. 

Session (1) – Initial Consultation – 1-1.5 hours:
The consultation should take place mid to end of January 2016. We will go through a nutrition and health questionnaire to find out what you are currently eating, are there any health issues, how active you are etc. etc.. I might give you a few small food, nutrition and diet tips after this session. The main objective here is fact finding and identifying what you current lifestyle is like.

Session (2) Nutrition, Diet Food Plan, recommendations, Tips – 1 hour:
(ideally 7-10 days after our initial consultation)
The information we gathered in the first session will enable me to create a personalized and nutrition and food plan with various tips, advice for you. This might include recommendations regards what foods you ideally eat more off, other foods you may replace with something else or foods that you could consider cutting out completely to improve your health, fitness and well being.

We could look into how to read and understand food labels, enabling you to make healthier choices when you go shopping. There will also be time where you can ask other nutrition and food relation questions e.g. “How much healthier is it to eat organic and is organic food really better for us or is it only a marketing ploy?”.

Session (3) Follow-up One 20min to 1 hour:
(around three weeks after our second session)
We will review how you got on with the plan and the various recommendations, possibly tweak the plan, identify other things that you can do and see what worked and what might not have worked for you, gather your thoughts, impressions and experiences so far. All to improve and deepen your understanding of how food and nutrition influences you physical and mental health, fitness and overall well being.

Session (4) Follow-up Two  20min to 1 hour:
(around three weeks after our third session)
The objective are the same as for session (3).

The follow-up session (3) and (4) might be done via skype or phone, but are ideally done in person.

Are you motivated? Do you want to make 2016 a health and fitter year and put in a bit of time, energy and commitment to see real results, then contact me. You will ideally keep a food diary for 7-10 days before we meet.

Personal Trainer in South Dublin Foxrock Deansgrange Cabinteely Leopardstown Sandyford The Gallops Stillorgan South Dublin D18 D16 D14 Martin LuschinPlease call or send me a brief e-mail via the form below within the next few days or as soon as possible if you are interested in participating in these case studies or if you know someone who would benefit from something like this.

Thank you
Yours in Health, Fitness and Well Being
_ Martin

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