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I moved to a new website

Please join me on my new Fitness, Nutrition and Health website (17.10.2016) for more information in relation to (1) Personal Training, (2) Nutrition & Health Coaching, (3) Group Fitness & Exercise Classes in South Dublin and Corporate Fitness & Well-Being in South Dublin.

Video 2 – Three Core Strength & Conditioning Exercises – Pilates based in south Dublin, Sandyford, Dundrum

In this Progression / Intermediate Core Strength & Pilates Video I’m showing you three strength based exercises, that combine
(1) Upper-Body Strength >> focusing on 1. Chest / Pecs, 2. Shoulders
(2) Core Strength & Toning  >> focusing on 1. Obliques / Waist, 2. Lower Abs / Abdomen

[1] A Push-Up (full version, knees off the ground, there a lots of variation you can do)
[2] Plank with a Knee Pull-In
[3] Plank with a Side-Leg KIck
Always warm up before exercising e.g. go for brisk walk, jog, do a bit of cycling, do some mobilizing and loosening exercises for your joints.
Let me know how you get on with these exercises. Find more videos on my partner website – or on my facebook page.

“The Secrets of Sugar – the fifth estate” Video

The Secrets of Sugar - the fifth estate Personal Training in South Diublin, D18 D16 D16 Dublin 18 Dublin 16 Dublin 14I’m just back from another a weekend of learning more about diet and nutrition as part of a one year “Nutrition & Health Coaching Course” with the IINH in Bray, just south of Dublin.

We covered topics like: (1) Organic vs Non-Organic (2) Pesticides, Herbicides (3) Food Labeling and the food industry’s tricks and labeling games, trojan-horse tactics aiming to confuse the consumer with jargon that most of us don’t understand, unless you put some time and effort and educate yourself about how to read and interpret food labels.

All fascinating, thought provoking and to a certain degree mind boggling.

I will produce various handout and talk about different aspects of the learnings in the next few weeks and share them with my personal training clients and group class participants to pass that knowledge on. So you benefit from all this.

Below a 42:00 minutes video about sugar … “The Secret of Sugar – the fifth estate.”

Enjoy and be surprise.

Here the original video description:
We’ve heard for years about the dangers of eating too much fat or salt. But there have never been recommended limits for sugar on Canadian food labels, despite emerging research that suggests the sweet stuff may be making more of us fat and sick. In the fifth estate’s season premiere, Gillian Findlay digs into the surprising science — and the reaction from the food industry — to reveal The Secrets of Sugar. Has the sugar industry been hiding an unsavoury truth from consumers?

A small but influential group of medical researchers is stirring up the health debate, linking sugar not just to rising obesity rates but also to a host of diseases including cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

We put a family of four on a healthy diet to try to beat their sugar habit and track the surprising results. We talk to leading scientists – and their critics. And we ask the food industry why those ingredient labels are far from clear when it comes to how much sugar is really on your plate.